Fuse 1 vs. Fuse 1+

I am considering the purchase of an SLS printer. The Fuse 1+ would be my favorite, but it breaks my budget :thinking:. I understand that the Fuse 1 is slower, but that is not a deal-breaker for me.
My question is: what else am I renouncing (aside from speed) by opting for the less expensive Fuse 1? Many thanks in advance for any advice that you might give me!

Hi @aag

We at Bondtech have been running two Fuse 1 for over a bit over 18 months now and started with Nylon 12. The last 6 months we have been running Nylon 12 GF and also got another Fuse, this time the Fuse 1+.

The Fuse1 has worked perfectly all the time with little to no hickups aside from wearing out some quartztubes (heaters), changed the rollermotor, new sensor etc. Small things concidering how hard we push our printers. They are running 24/7 and rarely gets a chance to cool down besides on sundays when they are idle until monday morning.

The main difference in Fuse1 & Fuse1+ is the printingspeed. Altho, the Fuse1+ seem to not be quite so stable as the Fuse1.

There is still some problems running Nylon 12GF in the Fuse1+. However, we are as i type this printing a full chamber in our Fuse1+ and so far so good. Everything seem to be working nicely. We´ll see in 9 hours. :slight_smile:

How the Fuse1+ works with regular Nylon 12 i cannot say as we switched to Nylon 12GF before we got the Fuse1+. Someone else might be able to answer that for you.

If i personally was to buy a printer today i would get the Fuse1 if printingspeed is not vital. They take almost twice as long to print a full chamber, (depending on the job ofc) but are far mor stable than the Fuse1+

Let me know if you have any specific questions and i´ll happily try to answer them.

Just on a sidenote here, regarding Formlabs support. They have been absolutely outstanding with helping out when needed. They are a solid support team for sure. Kudos to them for going above and beyond.

To sum up: There is only one downside and thats the printingspeed. From what i know atleast.

Hi all,

In addition to the insight Andreasemilsson shared, I also wanted to pass along this article: Introducing the Next Generation in SLS 3D Printing: Fuse 1+ 30W for Superior Speed and High Performance Materials. This covers some additional features that the Fuse 1+ provides such as the optional nitrogen supply and agitator in the hopper which enable printing with different materials.

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Thank you very much, Andreas and Jesse, for your valuable insight. I have read the article you linked and found it very informational. Can you therefore confirm that, by going for the Fuse 1, I won’t renounce anything except speed? In particular, there are no materials that can be used only with with the 1+ but not with the original Fuse 1? I am very tempted to go SLS but I really need to make sure that I don’t make the wrong decision and waste a ton of time and money!

I can only say that we use both Nylon 12 and Nylon 12GF in our machines, both Fuse 1 & Fuse1+. Other info i leave to @Jesse_K :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Nylon 11 CF is only compatible with the Fuse 1+, and not with the Fuse 1, due to the new agitator. This may also be the case for advanced materials in the future.


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