Laser Form 2 Cloudy?

Having some issue with my form 2 printer.
Couldn’t get back the precision of the prints. Also after cleaning all mirrors it is not even close.
So seems to have some issue with the laser.
I was to replace the laser but unfortunatly I busted the replacement laser already up. Was bit clumsy with the power supply. Please not even ask…
Now I took the original laser and looked to see if there was anything obviously wrong. Now I get not only a dot from the laser, but a kind of cloud is created on one side. After trying to clean the optics of the laser, the result is still not better.
Is this cloud formation normal?
If not, what can I do about it?

Hi @Alturis,

Thank you for getting in touch! In my experience, checking the laser spot in this way is not a reliable indicator of the optical performance of the printer. Instead, I would recommend running the Form 2 Optics Test. This can help us isolate which component(s) could be performing poorly. Feel free to share photos of the test print here, or alternatively you can get in touch with our Support Team for a closer look.

Thanks Jesse
The optical test was the starting point of my journey indeed.
Don’t have a photo of the print(s).
Step 0 having weirdly shifted layers on the prints.
Step 1 replaced the tank with a new one.
Step 2 was cleaning all the mirros.
Step 3 where i am stuck now: replacing the laser.
After every step I did an optical test print with very bad results with zero improvements.
May somebody who has replaced the oem laser and tested it outside knows if the cloudiness is normal with a distance of 16-17" (ca. 41cm) to the projection plane.