Large Hazy Streak On Glass of New Form2!

My brand new Form2 has huge, hazy smudge on optical glass. I’ve not attempted to clean it yes since I only unboxed it an hour ago. Here is a link to a video showing the hazy area along left side of the sealed glass cover. You can see several streaks and what look like drip blotches in the hazy area. There was also a large amount of dust covering the glass when I first removed the clear protective tape.

Another thing I noticed right away is a fairly large flake of black material between the two layers of orange acrylic on the front of the cover lid. What’s going on with quality control?


So, the hazing seems to be permanently etched into the glass and is not affected at all by cleaning using the prescribed methods. There was also a 1/2" or so blob of some kind of sticky residue on the other side of the window which I was able to clean off but that is very disconcerting for a brand new $3500 printer. I inspected for dust particles under the glass after cleaning the top surface and there is one rather large mote of white dust near the center of the window, two smaller white ones elsewhere and what appears to be a thin red fiber about 1mm in length near the front left. Wow what a mess and I haven’t even started printing yet. I bought the Form2 because I was tired of messing with problems with the Form1+ and just want to be printing.

I’d prefer not to have to dive into self repair and taking this thing apart right out of the gate since if all these things were missed who knows WHAT ELSE is wrong! The fact there is a 1" wide marred and hazed zone on the optical window with very visible streaks and scratches through it makes me doubt QC dept was on top of its game the day this unit came off the line.

More pics of the offending area. I can’t believe this was even allowed to ship!

Ouch… I hope Formlabs sends a replacement!!

They want to send only the optics cover and have me do the swap out myself. I’m sorry, but not on a brand new printer when the defect is THIS bad. Also with all the dust on underside of the “sealed” glass chamber knows WHAT is on those mirrors!

That strip is odd. Are you sure it’s not some kind of tape residue or something? - but yeah, who knows what it is, and yes, they should have already shipped a new one no questions asked after seeing the pics.

I had to get 3 Form1’s before I got a keeper. I always thought it funny that they’ll have you completely disassemble the printer to fix it when it suits them, but will they add knobs and switches to the software so we can control how it prints? Nope.

Yeah, that’s very abnormal. Hope they can fix it other than you trying to do it yourself, since that would run the risk that you might introduce more dust inside when it’s open.

Good news! FormLabs is sending me a new printer. I think once the senior support reps saw my higher resolution photos they realized something very bad was going on with this unit. Needless to say I’m very happy about this.

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