Yet another stained glass from the inside :(

After reading a couple threads in the forum I just discovered my own brand new printer is suffering the same kind of stains:

Even if the Form2 is the “cheapest” desktop printer we can find, they vouch (and charge!) for quality, and quality is what should be expected. Having the user to perform the glass swap sounds HORRIBLE to say the least. I can’t understand why you guys don’t put much more pressure on Support to fully replace the units!

I’m awaiting a response now from my own seller, we’ll see.

Crossposted for reference:

Thanks for letting us know. Posts like these allow us to track how common these issues are internally and work on getting them corrected. We do aim to provide professional quality results at a more accessible price point and artifacts like these shouldn’t be expected.

Our support team sometimes recommends that the user attempt fixes before sending the printer in. This can help to get the user up and running again more quickly or allow us to identify the cause of the error. We work to make repair steps as clear as possible and wouldn’t recommend anything excessively challenging. I actually just swapped out a glass window (don’t leave the build platform in the printer without a tank…) and it tends to only require loosening 4 accessible screws.

Appreciate your comments. Any clues where these stains come FROM? They do look like vaporized… Grease? And the only Greased thing is the z rod, right? So?? Which are the chances I replace it “tomorrow” and the issue re-arises?

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