Land Rover Engine 300 TDI

Just wanted to share an engine i designed and then printed using the form 2 with transparent resin, specifically it is a 300TDI engine seen in many landrover cars, It has since been given a coat of primer ready for painting. I am very impressed with the results, i dont think the pictures give you a true sense of scale. Let me know what you think. See more of my work at



I don’t see an image or link to one! And this is super interesting so I want to see one!

Just updated the images, should be okay now i think. Let me know what you think, thanks

Looks great! Amazing detail!

Thank you Nixie, the form 2 was just the kind of printer i was looking for. i had previously used FDM printers and the step to SLA was great. Thanks for commenting

I think fdm has its merits, but for detail sla can’t be beat. And for ease of use the form2 is pretty much the best. What is this for if you don’t mind me asking?

I used to encounter all sorts of problems with FDM, i wont list them all but my main one was probably adhesion. Thats the first thing i looked at when i first got the form 2. Thankfully adhesion hasnt been a problem. Resolution and detail has been one of the form 2’s best features for sure, i can now actually make not just artistic pieces but engineering designs too.

The project was a personal project for my digital portfolio. The engine was modeled from my dads landrover.

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Very cool! What scale is the model?