Keeping the printer clean

Well… After amazing short days with the Form +1, It all became horrible prints, problems and the printer is returning to the states for repair. Apart from the discouraging disappointment, I’m eager to get back onto printing.

Which takes me to the ACTUAL point of this, as it is not a rant: I noticed that the printer gets dirty rather quick on the inside. I don’t like the idea of using a blower that much because that only well: bounces dust around. I’ve invested in an electronic’s dust vacumm to help; but I wanted to see if any of you have had some successes in actually SEALING the thing down. Anyone tried a more effective solution?


Short answer: not really.
I typically keep a Glad brand tall kitchen garbage bag over it (it fits perfectly), even when printing, but dust still finds it’s way in.

I’ve actually been giving this some thought lately, and was thinking about how a fan and a HEPA[1] filter could be used to keep a positive pressure internal chassis atmosphere that would prevent dust from getting in and settling on the mirrors. It might be that it only kicks on when the top is opened, or maybe it’s on all the time at a low speed, then speeds up when the top opens. The obvious location would be the back panel for it, but my warranty is still good, so I won’t be modifying it any time soon… :wink:


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