Form 2 should have hermeticly sealed optics

I spend way to much time cleaning mirrors on this printer.

A sealed chamber for the laser and mirrors would be awesome.
Then just have to clean one easy to get to piece.

I don’t mind cleaning the main mirror.
But the galvo’s and first mirror are a pain.




Agreed & upvote!

I was thinking after the warranty expires of hacking in a fan and a HEPA filter to maintain some gentle airflow (maybe even positive pressure) to try and keep dust from settling on the optics.

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Was discussing this last week with my boss.

Actually, you can replace the back panel with a duplicate out of plex or aluminum, and use a vacuum HEPA filter and computer fan attached to that (using a separate power supply), and this should have zero effect on warranty. No need to alter any of the original equipment. I’ve been considering the same thing. I build my own computers, and have since the 80’s. My current case[1] is a positive pressure case by Silverstone (literally the best PC case manufacturer in the World). It rotates the mobo 90 degrees and exhausts up. Highly recommended.


Noctua makes some excellent fans.

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