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Kann der Tank eigentlich überlaufen?

Hallo, kurze Frage, ich hatte noch restliches Resin vom letzten Druckauftrag im Tank und habe einen neuen Druckauftrag gestartet, befüllt er jetzt den Tank komplett neu, also mit so viel Resin, wie er für den neuen Druckauftrag benötigt, oder berechnet er den Verbrauch des lezten Druckauftrags und ergänzt lediglich die Menge Resin für den neuen Auftrag?
Ich hab mich nämlich gestern gefragt, ob der Tank auch überlaufen könnte…
Wahrscheinlich nicht, ich denke er fasst bestimmt mehr als einen Liter, oder?

Danke für die Antwort.

My understanding is the Form 3 has sensors to detect resin levels. Are you using the Form 3? I don’t know what the earlier printers did.

But in a Form 3 tank there is a “float” that rises with the resin level. My understanding is there is some sort of optical sensor that reads the level height. My impression is this optical sensor has a little more trouble reading the level when you use black resin.

Yes Sir i am using the form 3. Thank you for your response.
Have you ever refilled the resin from tank into cartidge through a paint-filter?

No, I have not. So far I have only used black, grey, white and clear resin. The only resin where the Form 3 has had trouble reading the amount in the tank was black.


I’m getting the same problem - I see that the tank is filled with much more resin than needed and have concerns that can overflow. After some investigation I found that the firmware is not taking in account the temperature of the resin and like result there are two bad effects:

  • when adding the resin it takes longer for the float sensor to become asserted (up) which in turn makes the printer to add excessive resin (much more than needed)
  • sometimes the printer can report that the resin cartridge is empty or clogged

Especially in the winter, if the office temperature drops when you leave the office, you may experience (like me) some weird printer behaviour during the first print next morning - printer adds more resin than needed or reports there is no resin in cartridge. Once the printer was heated - everything works well.

Maybe the solution is the firmware to first heat the printer and then to continue with poring the resin.