Just a disaster

Hello there , I just seem to have problem after problem , bad prints , resin error problems, contamination problems
almost a whole cartridge of resin dumped into the pan , thankfully no spills .
What am I doing wrong is it me or the printer , im less than impressed right now .

I bought mine in January.
It had nothing but problems. 4 out of 5 prints failed or were unacceptable. interminable resin sensor problems… and then motor problems…
After two months of this I was pretty disheartened with the machine…

Eventually, Formlabs agreed that it wasn’t me- it was the printer and they replaced it with one they promised they had tested.

Since I got the replacement printer I have not had a single print failure.
I’ve had a couple of bad cartridges… and one whose failed valve spilled resin all over the machine- but none got inside. The replacement printer has never had a part stick to the tank, or any issue with adhesion to the platform.

All in all- the replacement printer has restored my faith considerably.

I am pretty sure that Formlabs suffered from a shipment from China that had a large number of faulty machines.
they can only identify them as they fail in use… and maybe you got one of the lemons.

Its hard to say without a more detailed explanation of the issues you’re seeing.

But open support tickets with Formlabs and elicit their help in figuring out the cause and solving it.

when the thing works… its a dream.

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