Joining Tough Resin part ro a High Yemp resin part

Hi Guys, I have a prototyping project that requires a high temperature plastic to withstand hot air at 110° (hairdryer) but also have a snap fit for repeated attachement to the heat source. The tough resin does not meet the temp spec but does for the snap fit and the high temp meets the spec for the temperature but not the snap fit (the snap fit is nowhere near the heat. If I make the snap fit section out of the tough and the high temp out of the high temp resin can I join them securley together and if so what is the best practice? I also need the final part to withstand a meter drop test but this may be pushing things too far for the High ttemp resin. (A polycarb type material would be ideal and I may go down this route with Vacuum casting even though the part is complex but is injectiion mouldable)

Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated?

Thanks in anticipation


You might try fusing the parts together with High Temp resin. You can use it as a sort of glue and cure it with a UV laser. Cyanoacrylate tends to create a very strong bond for printed parts but I’m unsure of the upper temperature limit. High temperature epoxies are another alternative.

Thanks Frew

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