Join tall support structures

Has anyone found a way to join tall support structures at the top right before they turn to points? I’m printing an object with overhangs that require very tall support structures that are 140mm long. I really need the supports to join together at the top right before they turn to points to gain added strength of the supports. I end up with lots of wobbling supports that can’t do their job of supporting the overhangs. Due to the height I’m working with (maxing out my build height), it takes 8.5hrs before I find out a setting fails (and lots of wasted resin). I’ve tried every combination of density and flat spacing, Currently I’m set to:
Density: 0.6
Point size: 0.52
Flat spacing 2.80
Base: 2.00
Slope: 0.6
Height above base: 5.00

I don’t think there is any way to force the joining of supports, but if you’ve found a way to do this, please reply.

I haven’t printed that tall before. I orient the larger parts so that the tallest supports are nearest the hinge side, and also I orient the part so that the smallest cross section /narrowest area of the part is closest to the hinge side. I try also to angle the part so that cross sections are kept to a minimum. I add supports along the part so that they align somewhat perpendicular to the hinge axis. I find that this has given my parts much stability and consistency when printing. Although there have been a few weird regions that pull partially away from the part from time to time, this strategy seems to be working. I am using Black Resin 02 recently.
Settings: Density 0.5
Flat Spacing 7.0 (?)
I don’t modify any of the other parameters.
Maybe, you can erase those supports and add in your own closer together if needed?

Thanks of the reply TemujinKuechle. Due to the size of this part which maxes out the build platform z-axis, I can’t orient it at an angle as I normally do. I also typically place parts as close to the hinge as possible to prevent the fast peal on the tall parts. I can add my own supports, but they also don’t connect at the top. If I add so many that they do touch all the way up the support, then I’m blocking resin from flowing between peels.

It’s sounding like this is a feature request for Form to connect support structures over a specified height. Ideally it would let me set the height where they join, but I’d be happy if they joined where I’ve marked in the screenshot.

Give it a shot with the software updates, @Eric_Smith — there are some updated features in there that may change the results that you’re seeing.

Thanks Sam. Yes I saw the update this morning with the updated supports and I have a print running now. The new supports look like a huge improvement.