Help: Suggested Orientation for tall wheel

When I run auto orientation and support on this part I get a LOT of extra points of contact. Is there a sensible way to print this vertically or am I asking for trouble? It’s about 83mm tall. Thanks!

I would print this vertical. Just run the auto supports without re-orienting the part. Look at what is generated and manually fix anything that’s on a sharp edge or in a spot that’s hard to clean up.

You can’t print this flat on the build platform because of the cup area it would create on the inside.


For parts like these, I tend to manually angle them by 20-30 degrees and then generate supports from there. This eliminates any cupping and adds a bit of horizontal bracing to ensure that the print comes out well. It also tends to be safe to remove any supports from the interior to make cleanup easier though this isn’t always the case.

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Thanks for the advice! Let’s see how it goes then… :slight_smile:

(Bad Kitty would of course try to print this “as is.”)

What is the thickness of the walls? I’m guessing they’re solid?

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Bad kitty might have the first 5mm of his/her part over-compressed if printed directly on the build plate however!

You can print vertically, just note that the height might not be what you want—if you print directly to the platform then it has a long exposure for the first layers to try and account for any differences in the first layer height. If you print vertically with supports then the first layers won’t come out nicely so either way the best option is to make it a little bit taller than you plan for the part to be, that way you can sand it down to the correct height after printing and get a smooth bottom surface.

Printed vertically with extra supports. Bottom will need a little bondo work and sanding but much better than building at an angle. The important surfaces came out great. Thanks again for the suggestions!

Wheel 1Wheel 2

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