Jewelery holder

I still do not understand why Formlabs is not able to support these diameters, the support created in the Formlabs program and very rude to the jewelry at the time of removal and terrible of strip I expect Formlabs to be aware to us that we work with jewelry.

I Agree with you. They are not supportive at all. At least you finished with a great looking Grow.
My experience has been about 40% successful grows. %60 failures.
I’ve tried the Black and Grey only just as a prototyping for in house use.

which resin is this?!

This resin and DWS 028 I posted this image to show that the DWS support is very easy to remove and saves a lot of resin, I have an F2 it has a good print quality but I do not conform to the thickness of the support created in Formlabs If it is difficult to remove, it will waste lots of resin.

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