It is impossible to add files to PreForm of Exocad, says that they need to fix it, click OK and nothing happens

I try to add Stl files, but PreForm writes to me that some of the damaged objects and offers them automatically fix it, but nothing happens, and the object is not added

I use Netfabb to scale, modify or fix all my models before I bring them into PreForm.

Download Nefabb from the link below.

After you install it, load your STL file. If it’s defective, it will show an exclamation sign in the corner. Click the red cross in the ribbon bar, and click automatic repair. When done, click apply repair, and export the object back out to a STL file.

Load it into PreForm and it should be OK.

BTW, PreForms internal repair engine is licensed from NetFabb, but the standalone version is more capable.

I have this problem when i am bringing in the files from another computer on the network. Not sure why, but if i copy the filed to the hard drive of the cpu I am using preform on the same file works fine.

I use Meshmixer to repair stl file and export it as .obj which is more “tasty” for Preform.
100% effective

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