Issues with ghosting. Contacted support but it wasnt helpful

At my local maker space we have a Formlabs 2 and everything worked until a few days ago and now parts of the part dont get printed anymore. Support says we have to clean mirrors, but they are clean (!).

Any ideas?`

A couple of things, first, it looks like the PreForm software needs to be updated, there should be a base platform that all of the supports are attached to
Also, the parts are oriented poorly, ideal orientation is at an angle where it starts off from a corner so that it can build up. It also needs to have enough supports so that the part is held stable while printing otherwise it will flex during the print and things might not print or layers won’t be aligned.

No, those are the “mini-rafts” which were introduced in PreForm 3.0.0.

It does look like there’s some possibility that the mini-rafts weren’t strong enough to hold that center section. You might try it with a regular raft. If that does turn out to be the issue, we’d be interested in hearing about it.

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