Issue printing..... extra resin in spots

Just printed this ring and have some extra inside the underbezel and on the side. Thoughts on what might be causing this?

and my prings still are not coming out in the channels, I added a tree inside the shank. will try to angle the ring next time to see if that is better


You might check your tank to make sure there aren’t any clouded areas or bits of resin floating around. Oftentimes, this can be from particulate in the tank scattering the laser. Filtering the tank will help to ensure that there isn’t any rogue cured resin floating around.

@Frew… if there is a clouded area on the resin tank. can that be cleaned or should i avoid printing in the area?


Clouded areas are damages/micro cracks in the PDMS. Try to avoid the area. If the clouding becomes too severe, you have to replace the tank. When your tank is too clouded, you see this back in the surface roughness and print accuracy of the part(very small features don’t print nicely while it is no problem with a new tank).

Echoing what @fantasy2 said. Clouded areas of the PDMS unfortunately cannot be cleaned and should be avoided. We find that most users can comfortably go through 2L of resin before having to replace a tank. If you evenly distribute your parts on the build platform, tank life can be extended even beyond that.

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