Isopropyl alcohol can melt Vat?

I usually wash my vat using isopropyl alcohol.

Experiencing continuous failure of printing, I have doubt that isopropyl alcohol could cause trouble to vat(acryl).

Isopropyl alcohol can melt vat which made by acryl(as formlabs vat)?

Please answer me+_+

You should not use isopropyl alcohol to clean the resin tank (vat). See the below for some directions on the recommended cleaning procedures for your tank.

To clean a resin tank, you will need to pour resin into a temporary, opaque vessel.

We recommend a disposable cup or other container.

Make sure to wear gloves and remove the build platform before removing the resin tank. Gently run the scraper over the silicone in the base of the tank to push the resin into the container. Wipe the sides of the tank with a paper towel.

Do not wipe the  silicone in the base or the  underside of the tank with the paper towel.

You can then store this resin away from UV light, or  dispose of it as appropriate. We do not recommend pouring used resin back into the bottle of fresh resin.