IS there an update for wash/cure?

I have received an email about it but cannot find any firmware update (and hot to page)

The Wash/Cure updater is bundled with the PreForm release. So just install the latest version of PreForm and follow the instructions here.

Which email did you receive?
It is confusing to me as well: Formlabs page does not have a Cure/Wash section listing the releases (why?), which are also not shown in the instructions above.
Also, what does it mean that every PreForm update file (macOS .dmg at least) comes with a FormWashCureUpdater executable? Should we be running it as well every time there’s a PreForm update?

It’s on the PreForm release notes page, because the updater is bundled with PreForm. I think the most recent Wash/Cure update is in the PreForm 3.6.0 section. But any version of PreForm after that will have the same Wash/Cure updater.

Thank you. I found it.

It is indeed a firmware release note inside a Software release notes page, while there is a dedicated Firmware release notes page…
Rearranging the info might make more sense to most people…
But that’s me :grin:

Yeah, it is weird. The issue is that the Wash/Cure don’t have enough smarts to use the firmware update mechanism that the printers use. They need PreForm’s help.

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Hi @mgarrity I noticed the backslashes are missing in the Windows paths in that article, eg:

C:Program Files (x86)FormlabsPreForm

Thanks for catching the issue on that page. The documentation folks just pushed out a fix.