Is the Gray 1 settings in PreForm going away?

I see there are a bunch here using 3rd party resins that use the Gray 1 setting. If that goes away in future releases of the PreForm will that leave the users stuck?

I know 3rd party resins aren’t supported but it does add variety to the users and a lower cost alternative. Be a shame to see the Form1 become super proprietary.

Maybe keep the Gray 1 setting and call it 3rd Party resin?

Ken I agree with you.

As an example, I used to be a real Sony - junkie, until they made everything (memory cards, etc.) proprietary (and expensive, of course). I refuse to buy there warez now.

Formlabs should allow 3rd party resins, and beat them with a better product instead of with proprietary settings. May the best (company) win.

The form1 would become super powerful if it allowed control over the cure settings.

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I agree maybe have an expert mode and maybe toss in a disclaimer etc. to cover themselves would be good.