Is FormPro 2 capable of printing engraved letters on bottom surface of an STL file?

Has anyone been able to print engraved text on the bottom of an STL file? I have been printing out a series of models that I want identified and engraving on the bottom is easiest. Also, I do not need supports because I need a perfectly flat base. Any ideas? Can engraved letters be on the base?



No. You can achieve a perfectly “flat” base without supports, but the outlines of the face will spread out, obliterate small details, and upset dimensional accuracy somewhat.

I tested this exact scenario with both raised and recessed engravings. Engravings were obliterated in both cases. The picture below illustrates my test results, comparing an engraving on a top surface against one on a bottom surface (ie: against the platform).

There is no “bottom” of an STL file. When positioned properly, the sides of the object are arbitrary with respect to the build plate. You need to model the letters, of course, PreForm doesn’t “engrave” anything. But very small letters are easily reproduced when done correctly. The object in this image is about 1.25" wide.

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. I also figured out a way to engrave on another surface that works out for me, so we’re good to go.


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