Is airconditioner a must requirement

I am using a form 3 printer , and have no air conditioner in my work area
Is using an air conditioner a must required or does having an air conditioner change the outcome

Thank you

The printer typically wants to heat the resin to 30ºC or higher (depends on the resin) so if your workspace isn’t airconditioned, as long as it’s below 30ºC I don’t think it matters to the printer.

Temperature in settings (Which shows the form 3 printer) is 35°C and I am using castable wax 40
Is it ok or should I get air conditioning ?

I don’t know. Is the ambient temperature of your work area higher than 35ºC?

No it’s around 28°C

Then I wouldn’t worry about it.

The problem with Form 3 is when the ambient is less than around 18°C, then it cannot maintain it’s temperature. If you are 28°C during the day but get colder than 18°C at night you need and enclosure to maintain temperature and get good prints overnight.

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