Operating Environment Temperature Range

What are the min and Max operating Environment temps for the form 3?

I’d like to place it in a covered outdoor spot to avoid having the poisonous gases in my home, since I temporarily have this running in my home while our lab is closed.

I’m not asking about indoor voc filters.

My area sees outdoor temps between -35F and 110F.

Edit: I’ve decided to simply put the box it came in over the printer and leave it inside, after reading the gases aren’t like what come from FDM.

Hey there @gloss151! To be absolutely clear, there is no off-gassing from the Formlabs printing process, and the fumes(while occasionally smelly and you probably wouldn’t want to sit in a sealed box with one) are not harmful to your health. The only stage in the process that does require ventilation is the IPA, and even those requirements aren’t out of normal reach.

-35F to 110F is a range that I wouldn’t be comfortable using my printer in. The resin needs to get to a fairly specific temperature to print, and while it does have an internal heater, it certainly has a limit on capabilities.

Broadly Formlabs printers work best at roughly standard room temperatures. 60-80F.

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