Question for FormLabs: realistic temperature operating range?

Dear FormLabs -

your machine is amazing, than you for bringing SLA technology to “the masses” !

My question is this: how tolerant is the resin to the ambient temperature of the room? (Not for storage: for actual printing?)

I live in Wisconsin, and it gets to be awfully cold in the winter. If my shop temperature is, for instance, 65 degrees F, is that too cold for the resin to cure properly? Would you recommend a good ambient temperature, or is that something that hasn’t yet been studied?

Thank you in advance, you guys are great.

Operating Temperature: 64–82° F (18–28° C)

So a Wisconsin winter is definitely on the low end, but you should be OK at 65 degrees. Room temperature or warmer is generally better, but the best thing is to try to keep the temperature relatively consistent. For example, turning off a heater in the middle of a long print so the temp drops from 80 to 65 is worse than printing at either extreme for the whole print job.

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Good to know, thank you!