IPA not included in package?


Just getting started on my first print with the 3B+ printer and waiting for it to print the scan. Right now its filling with resin and hopefully will soon print. Didn’t realize they don’t send you alcohol for the formwash unit so was wondering you have to buy the IPA separately? Not included? If not what percentage? 90%?


Yes, you need to buy it separately. I use 99%, but 90% is fine.

As always, there’s Amazon, and Walgreens usually has a sale on IPA.

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Hi @doc9898 ,

@Rob_Steinberg is right on the money. Formlabs does not manufacture IPA so you will need to purchase it from a separate vendor; I apologize if that was not clear, so I will be sure to follow up with our Sales and Marketing teams to see if we can remove any ambiguous language about that. On this page, you can find more details about the type of IPA you should use depending on resin (Standard vs Biocompatible) along with other helpful information.

I agree with doc9898, it’s not clear that IPA is not included in the package. Those who are a bit in the 3D scene are aware of this, but for a newcomer it’s like “hmmm… it says fill with IPA… where is IPA? Do they give a sample IPA bottle with my form wash?”

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Hey @agiorgitis,

This is great feedback, I truly appreciate it. As a member of the Support team myself, I want to make sure that we have things laid out as clearly as possible on the front-end to ensure the best possible user experience. I will amend my recent product feedback to include this blurb!

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