Internal supports not adhering correctly

We have the Form 3L and for the most part it works great, we use the clear resin and the gray resin the most and they are the ones that have failed least often. One of our parts never prints correctly no matter how many corrections we make to the model it still has issues. we believe it is from cupping issues so we added many relief holes. We are encountering problems with the supports not holding and then causing the whole print to fail.

these are some of the original failures before making corrections:

when we printed it again after making the walls thicker and adding more relief holes it printed like this:

The the second set of pictures you can see that none of the internal supports adhered to the base of the model. The other two models in the first set of photos had almost no supports where the major damage was but I did not take photos of that. The supports are also not straight and are breaking off somehow during the print process, I’m going to strain the resin because after a few of these prints failing there is going to be cured resin in the tray and I picked out as much as I could with the tools but there are smaller particles that I can pick out.

What we think is happening is that resin is unable to reach where the supports are located due to cupping because of the lip that runs around the whole model so that a top can snap into it. We put in some 2mm “tooth” holes on the sides in order to allow more resin to flow but that didn’t help so we are looking at widening those to 4mm and adding in a few more of them.

If anyone has had the same problem what did you find fixed it?

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