Initial resin tank bottom to build plate distance

I was unable to find this specifically in any of the FAQs. So I’m posting here -

I’ve been unable to get my prints to adhere to the build plate and have been using the fine tuning to adjust things. Should the position of the build plate actually be touching the bottom of the resin tank?

Technically yes, but close can be good enough. It might be possible that you have a chunk on the bottom or floating around that is preventing it from coming close enough.

Thanks this was helpful as was this video:

I watched some bits, that guy is a little scary. He is ok with the fact he messed up his screws and had to grind a slot in it to get it out? WOW.

Yes well I suspect this printer is out of warrantee (if it’s not, it is now :smile: ) Probably best to leave these sorts of adjustments to the professionals.