Information on calculate the material for each part

Today we got the XFAB printer, and to give researchers quote the cost of printing a part of the job, I need the
Calculation of weight and time for each part of the production before I start to print, and can’t found, if there is such a possibility?

Yes. You can download PreForm and see print volume and calculate print time:

Just a note that the amount of resin will be higher due to the support structure so you won’t know the actual volume without adding the supports.

but this is not my printer, so how it can fit ?

The XFAB is a different printer and Preform only has Formlabs printer profiles. Preform is not like Simplify3D. It can not be used to control other printers. You can use Preform to see how much resin your model will use and how long it will take to print on a Form printer.
Your XFAB printer came with:
•1 NAUTA® XFAB® Edition software suite license.
I assume that “NAUTA” software has similar features for the XFAB just like what PreForm does for a Form printer.

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