Have Preform calculate resin usage before printing

The dashboard provides the resin used on prints after the print. It would be real helpful if Preform did this before printing.

The time to print is calculated before printing so it seems the resin usage could also be calculated at the same time.

I manufacture production pieces and being able to see how much resin will be used for a given piece would help in coming up with a selling price or even to make a decision weather the part would be worth printing if the price were too high.

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The volume of resin is in the info bar at the bottom of PreForm’s window. Between “Print Settings” and “Layers”.

I’ll have to go back and look. Thanks

Most Professional machines have “quantifiable” material remaining display as “percentage”, “weight” or “volume”.

Ideally, displaying this information in both the “machine” and “Preform” software (beside on dashboard).

I use it in a professional environment and sometimes I’ve no idea if the remaining resin is enough to complete a large print, which is normally schedule for weekend print, but it is also inaccessible for cartridge replacement in non office hours.

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