Support vs Part Volume


Would it be possible to have PreForm indicate how much resin is being used for the original part and how much is used for supports? The data appears to be available since the total resin is known and the part volume is known upon import.




Not a bad idea. In the meantime, what I do is note down the volume prior to generating supports, then subtract it from the final volume afterward.


I’d say you’ll consume 150% of your parts net volume to print them. So to print a 50cm3 part you’ll use 75ml resin approx, provided you don’t print directly onto the build plate.
It’s not my actual average, but a safe rounded-up number easy to remember based on my own statistical data (data of about 70 prints (around 200 parts) across 5 resins)

But It would be convenient if the historical statistic is automatically calculated in Dashboard


This is what I do as well, just gets difficult if you have multiple parts and then change orientation or add a modified part. Hopefully it would be useful for more people than just me!


Good to know, currently I’m at 30-37% support volume over the past few prints. I wish I could access all my historical data and compare.


Hey All! Thanks so much for contributing to the thread!

This is a great suggestion! AFAIK, there aren’t any plans to implement this, but I’m more than happy to pass it up the chain.

In terms of current workarounds, I think what folks have suggested with subtracting the volume pre-supports from post-supports would get you a pretty close ballpark, but I totally acknowledge that could get a little tricky given a busy build platform.



Let me know what they say and I’d be more than happy to help beta test and provide feedback.

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