Print volume (without support material) and estimate weight?

I happen to be helping on a (research) project where material consumption and weight are of key consideration to a research paper. Knowing (exact) material consumption of both object and support independently would have been useful. Also, estimated weight. Can this be added to Preform? Rough calculations can of course be computed, but I just thought it might be nice to click into Volume and get more stats. Anyways, not a big deal. This is not a typical “print this” project. There are a lot of iterations on various objects to test their geometric features.

More info would be nice here (above)

Going on this same train of thought … it might be useful to (some users?) have a link to material properties of resins? I know the bottom nav is very clean, but perhaps it can be put somewhere? It’s easy enough to look up, but maybe it could be easier … maybe it belongs in the “print setup” dialog? In particular to this project, an approx range of tensile strength would have been useful at a glance.


Until they add the function, given the fact that 1ml=1cm3, print a 1cm3 cube and weigh it. Input the weight into a calculator and multiply it by the amount of ml’s shown in preform when adding the model.
Then add supports and subtract the amount of the model and you have the amount of the supports and therefore the weight of them.

Yep. Just thought it might be useful … right there … in the UI.

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