In search for best support settings for flexible resin

Hi All,

I need to print attached gasket gasket-flexibleResin.stl (195.2 KB)
for a client but I am struggling to get good result. Flexible is more difficult with support but I was hoping this model could be printed. So far no luck (I’ve tried flat on the bed (with and without support) and with an angle with support but i’ts heard to remove support (cut not snap) without damaging the model.

Of course I can say to the client it can’t be done but maybe there is way that I don’t know of yet… It would be a great help if I can have less big feet on the rafts so they wont merge with the model itself (when printed flat on the bed) or a different angle on the supports so I can keep them away form the part itself. I’ve been used to these options within other slicers

Tips are appreciated!

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