Impressive Form1+ project (not mine)

3D printed stop-motion short film, all the models printed with Form1+. 6000 hours of printing, 80 liters of resin.


I just ask in their facebook about how many Form1+ printer did they use.


Their website says the project took nearly 2 years to complete… by my math its entirely possible they did it with only 1 printer.

He was just one guy using one printer, and original Kickstarter Form 1. After a year and a half he contacted formlabs support to ask about repairs. That was the first we had heard of the project.

To help him meet his deadline, we lent him a second printer for a few months. In exchange, he is letting us feature his work on our website, applications page, and other outreach.

Its a really awesome project. Replacement animation is the obsessive compulsive cousin of Stop Motion Animation, Its usually only used for special effects, facial animations, and transformations in stop motion films. The amount of work that went into this is mindblowing.



WOW! That is most impressive. I’m excited to see the finished product.

Gilles-Alexandre has actually posted work on the forums before:

This thread features the tree set for Chase Me. There are a few cool behind-the-scenes pictures of how the tree is put together from a bunch of smaller prints.



Thanks for the post Randy :blush:

I couldn’t say it better than Michael !
The movie won’t be released immediately, i have to wait that festivals screening are over.

If you have any question, i’ll be happy to answer them !


You’re welcome! Most impressive work!

When you finally contacted Formlabs about repairing your Form1, what was the nature of the problem you were having with the printer?

Thanks Randy !
It was with a form1 (original version) because i didn’t have any problem with the form1+.
I encountered few issues with the form1 like defective laser, misalignment galvo but i think i wasn’t lucky… With the form1+. It’s been like 8months that i’m printing days and night, and i have no issues at all ( almost 100% of success rate) I think having those first problems with the form1 really help me to diagnostic issues and most of them are finally easy resolvable.


Hello Gilles-Alexandre,
Your work is monumental. You did 2 things in 1 time: made a wonderful and innovative project and proved that the Form1+ can work under stress with great results.
Many thanks to share your experience and compliments. Please keep up posted about the full version of the movie. I can’t wait to see it.

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Thanks Mattia !! I’m a fan of your creations :slight_smile:
This is my feeling to, I’m not an expert of FDM printers but i have the feeling that the form1+ are very steady and need low maintenance compare to other printers. I was able to launch a print with just 10-15min of preparation in between.

Hi dear Gilles-Alexandre,
you right: I have a FDM machine and it is slowly and less precise then a SLS machine like Form1+ (but the main advantages are the bigger printing area and the cheaper costs of the filaments). I also had bad times with the early version 1 of the Form, but now with the 1+ all is working fine and you proved that can be stressed over the limits and still can work perfectly.
I want to print a bigget object then I’ve done before, maybe up to 45 cm tall. Hope my 1+ will work fine as your :wink:
Best regards,

keep us posted for your new print :slight_smile:
In a near future, i hope to have more time to sculpt and print like you do !

Hi and thanks. I am working on this personal challange:
It is a real test for my printing skills… I’ am working on it for fun in spare time, but maybe too hard for me. Hope can be able to prepare this mesh for the Form machine… because I also want print it in big scale.


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The model is insane ! I remember seeing it few time ago. I think it’s a good challenge for the printer :wink: