I Feel like a hamster in a never ending maze as I keep hitting walls

Many are aware of the issues I’ve had over the last month with the two Form 2 printers. FL Tech keeps pointing to dirt in the optics but four times I have cleaned or wiped everything so there is no dirt, haze or dust that I can see with high powered specs. I GIVE UP. I’m ready to sell both Form 2 printers to make room for new printers.

That’s just the beginning and possible end to this saga.

I put in an order for a DIGI TECK S-BOX and thought I paid through my debit card. Well, I tried canceling the order as after talking with Chris Pirvan I came to the conclusion that the AnyCubic MONON -X would be the better printer as it has a monon 4K screen compared to a color 2K screen. Amazon wouldn’t let me cancel the order, last night, as they said it was too close to shipping. YES as it appeared on my doorstep this morning. I checked my checking account and PayPal and cannot find any payment for the printer I just received???

Just ordered the MONON-X with a different credit card and got a receipt that I paid with PayPal??? Well, that I figured out. I paid with a debit card and it went into the US company PayPal account and they paid the company in China.

Are you following this at all? :joy::rofl::grin:

So, I’ve set up the Photon S 3D printer I’ve had for months sitting in the garage still in the shipping container. I was going to sell it. Now I"ll use it to learn CHITUBOX software and how to support my small prints.

I’m just questioning sending back the S-BOX because if I keep it or they give me a refund WHERE THE HECK DID THE MONEY COME FROM?? Guess I need to contact Amazon customer support and ask for a payment receipt.

Right now I have 5 3D printers sitting here and can’t print a dang thing or at least get a decent print. Oh, and my head is getting sore plus the walls have blood on them.:sunglasses::rofl:

On Monday you’ll probably wake up to find it was all a bad dream :grinning:

Don’t I wish. This has been going on for a month now. I set up the Photon S and now I find that the build plate isn’t flat. Can’t get a replacement and no small machine shops in the area. So, I’m going to have to tape a piece of 600 grit wet/dry sand paper to a flat surface. Wet that some and slide the flat surface of the build plate around to take down the high area. About .5mm or less needs to come off.
So it goes. Maybe some day I’ll get some prints.