I am now a proud owner of a slightly used Form 1

Thanks to Reed in San Francisco, I am now a proud owner of slightly used Form 1.  Unless UPS does me wrong, I should receive it tomorrow or Monday.  It now looks like slo 3D creators will have two operational Form 1s and a B9 Creator (arrives early September) for use if you are on the Central Coast of California or via our website (www.slo3dcreators.com) if you live outside this area.  My price will based on time at $35 an hour (Use the latest PreForm to estimate print time), not including shipping. (You can actually watch your print if you are in San Luis Obispo county. I am also offering same day courier service at a flat rate of $35. Or if you reside in Santa Barbara county, I am offering a same day courier service at a flat rate of $75.  These services will be available in early September.

Update:  I now have a UPS tracking number.

I am also a proud owner of a slightly used Form1. I have a tracking number and expecting mine to arrive in three days.

I was wondering though, as far as warrantees are concerned does Form1 allow for new owners and honor warrantees still in existence? Also does it come with support?

I received an email from Reed with the contents of an email from Sam at Formlabs who said they would honor the warranty.  My concern is the lack of response in my request to cancel and refund me for my pre-order.


Yes, as Michael mentioned we will indeed honor the warranty in the instance of changed hands and do everything we can to make sure you stay up and running. We are a little behind on responding to inquires as we get hundreds of messages every week and we are a small team. Improving response times is a very high internal priority. I am taking care of your request now Michael.

How did you guys get used Form 1s? Not that I’m shopping for a second one. Just curious. :slight_smile:

Jory B. Is there anything I have to do to get the remaining warrantee and or register “my” system to you under my name?

Greenlaw, actually mine was not meant to be for someone since he first spilled all his resin on his floor, which I’m guessing was a very expensive cleanup. Second he left his tank and build platform out and his maid through them out. So he said is was just not meant to be for him. He listed it on Ebay and in ten minutes he had 24 viewers, 10 watchers and one buy it now, me. Needless to say I am extremely excited.

I actually saw one on ebay and it was taken off because the seller got an offer he couldn’t refuse and at that time the bidding price was already up to 3400 and had five days to go.

I’m just lucky and glad I didn’t miss out on getting one of these because at the time on KS I was short of funds so I couldn’t get one even though I was trying to figure out a way.


There is nothing extra you have to do since we track machines by serial number.

Congratulations. I want to see your work