How would you support this part for flexible?

Hey folks,

just need an advice - after 2 failed prints Id like to know how you would support this part.
Im beginning working with flexible - its quite different as not really fluid…

This is how I tried it:

Can you share pictures of the failures?

I would never print anything like the setup in Print1. Printing flat is not the way to go.
Print 2 looks quite OK, where is it failing? I would guess it fails at least near the letter “E” and I guess you did automatic support generation as some supports are not on a logical place.

I would strongly suggest to do manual support placement with in this case a support size of 1.5mm. This will help you understand the challenging parts in the design and how to orient things better.

Have got only the ones from flat printing…

Is the orientation ok in the Print2? Not turned 180degrees, so the supports wpold be on the inside?

Orientation on print2 looks OK, but support placement is not OK. Some parts(like the letters) are incorrectly or not supported.

What about this one?

Ok, i tried to set all supports manually. Still have some red areas but in my opinion they should be fine.
Will give it a try :slight_smile:

It sucks… the material seems to be to soft for the peeling forces and the wals to thin…
Dont know what to do…

I took a look at your .form file and it looks like the design might have some errors in it. If you remove all of the supports and slice through by using the slider on the right, some rogue triangles appear. These are likely changing the way PreForm generates support structures and contributing to the failures. Trying to remove those rogue triangles and then re-supporting the model should work.

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