How would you orientate and support a 1/6 scale headsculpt?

This is my first print on the brand new Form 3. It printed out great but the back is really terrible because of all the supports. Here are my settings:

What density and touchpoint settings would you recommend?
How would you go about supporting this model?

Hey there!

I want to preface this by saying every print is different, so it will be difficult for someone to remotely recommend any kind of ideal settings.

That being said, you could certainly bring that density down a little, maybe to .6 and I don’t think you’d have any issues printing. As far as touch point size goes, you could potentially drop that down to .4 or so, but I wouldn’t go too much more than that.

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Don’t use the automatic supports, they’re never the most optimal support placement. You can probably print just fine with fewer supports and also place them in better areas.

However, note that downward facing surfaces will always turn out a bit worse due to some inherent flaws of SLA printing, but you can mitigate that if you can reduce the amount of supports.

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that’s the issue, i am not really sure how to do manual supports. as long as i support the minimas and preform passed the printability, i should be good to go?

@zedabyu This might be some helpful reading. :slight_smile: