What support settings are you using for your Form 3

I got my Form 3 recently but haven’t had much chance to play with it yet due to vacation. Now I’m home and want to print some more.

I will be printing miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons, which are 28mm scale and high detail. I am using dental model resin. The two tests I printed out using the default settings for supports (Full Raft, 1.0 Density and .7mm touchpoints) gave me a lot of really thick supports. I broke both models removed the supports, and the ones I successfully removed seemed to still leave a mark.

So what settings for supports are you using on your Form 3 especially for smaller prints with some fragile areas?

Don’t use automatic settings, I usually place support points manually so that I can avoid points on areas that are harder to sand afterwards and also that they’ll be spread out better.

Usually I use 0.5mm supports for strength and then smaller 0.3mm or 0.2mm for small touch points. The Form3 may require less supports than before since it puts less force onto the print as things move around to go to the next layer. Though of course it will still need supports on areas that have no support at all.