How to support a large object - Advice needed


Hi all,

Had my first print fail been using the Form3 for a couple weeks on small objects no problem. I am looking for some advice on how to print a large object in terms of generating the right support density and touch point size for something of this scale. Settings for this print was density 1.0 and 0.6mm touchpoint size.

Any advice most welcome on printing large objects and supporting them correctly.

Thanks in advance


How did it fail? Did it not adhere to the build platform?


It fell off the supports. The settings were density 0.8 and touch point size 0.3. I think these may have been too low as we had success with smaller models at these settings.


looks like got ripped off the supports. make some heavier to withstand the flexing


.3 is quite small for touchpoint, especially when it’s such a big part. I would go with probably .5-.6 and I bet you’ll see more robust results. :slight_smile:


I had the same problem with a figure I printed.I used similar touchpoint size and parts broke off.When I reprinted I used the touchpoint size of 0.6 and it worked fine


I’ve been printing almost everything on the Form 3 with 0.3 touchpoint and 1.00 density. No failures yet and some parts have been pretty large.


Oddly, I have had success going the other way - touchpoints of .4 and a density of .7. So fewer of them, but larger. And most of my prints are on the large size. I make enclosures for my electronic products - so big boxes.


Oh interesting. I felt like I could probably drop density at 0.3 and it would still work, but haven’t pushed my luck yet.


Hi nsayer, do you have any images you could share of the type of enclosures you are doing, this is where my interest is but i am very new to this and would appreciate any advice that’s out there


Just about everything I design I throw up on Thingiverse:


Thank-you, i will have a look, do you mind if i have questions?


Absolutely not. You can hit me up there, here or in email.


Thanks again, my name is Bill. I had a look at your files on thingiverse and i was hoping you might be able to share some screen shots or even better a form file of the GPS Clock case print? this file is pretty similar to the type of items i would print with the biggest aim to avoid warp and nasty contact marks everywhere. I don’t think it will be for production but more for proto-types. I hope i’m not imposing just keen to pick up knowledge about the process.