How to stop automatically repair model

it pissed me off. the formlab software automatically repair my model even i ignore it (it looks like the software ignored this operation, but when printing this model, the repaired struture happend on my model(shown on the last picture). So how to stop it doing this useless job again! wasting too much expensive cartridge

fig1 Click the ignore button

fig2 software shown the normal model

fig3 click the repair button

fig4 the narrow point to the repaired structure

fig5 the printer printed model without click the repair button, the reapir structure is still shown on my model

Hi @lambdaxyz,

Thank you for getting in touch. PreForm should not modify the models assuming Ignore is selected. Just to double check, did you make sure to select the correct print job from the queue after resending the job from PreForm? If the issue persists, please reach out to our Support Team and share the .form file in question.

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