How to secure metal micro bearings to 3D printed housing


I need to secure micro-bearings to a 3D printed housing. The bearings are small:
Material: Steel
Inner Diameter: 4mm
Outer Diameter: 8mm
Thickness: 3mm

I am wondering if there is way - other than glueing them together.

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Probably not but there is an acrylic glue that they use for acrylic awards that I would think would be the best way to stick it together.b
Is there a reason why you want to put bearings on the lid? Machining up some uhmw bushings might work just as well and far less critical to put in. I doubt you would wear them out in a lifetime.

I would recommend gluing with CA. Are you worried they will get adhesive in them? You could also consider some sort of press fit, but that gets finicky.

Press fits are ok if you heat the plastic first to make it soft otherwise it would crack especially with acrylic.
As far as gluing this is what is used on acrylic awards:

Crazy glue probably won’t bind all that well on acrylic, epoxy isn’t so great either. I believe there is a release agent on the surface of acrylic sheets that resist most adhesives.

Thank you all for the valuable feedback. I will first go with a press fit and see if that works out.

Only problem with press fitting metal into acrylic is acrylic is brittle. Over time it may want to start to fracture. Heating the acrylic first should really help.

Use loctite 603, or a similar retainer. This will harden by reacting with the steel of the bearings and expand to fill small gaps between the bearings and the housings.

P.S. 8mm OD bearings look awfully big to me…