Advice for printing bearings?

I wanted to experiment with printing movable parts on my Form 2 and hoping somebody can offer advice and recommended PreForm settings. I’d like to print this part from Thingiverse:

My resin library includes Black, Gray, Clear, Duable, Tough, and High Temp. Based on the resin descriptions I was going to go with Durable but I’m open to suggestions.

Can these be printed directly on the print bed to avoid supports & minima? I assume it would be best to use the highest resolution possible.

Thanks in advance!

That’s likely not going to work, if a surface is reasonably close to another then it’s probably going to cure together.

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I would say the only thing to do is try it out. Be sure to rinse the part well with IPA after you take it off the build platform. I use a squirt bottle and blast it to get as much of the resin off as possible prior to soaking. If you do decide to give it a try please let us know how you made out.


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I tried a small one and it looked great but was fused together.

Hello Andrhamm. I would say just do it haha. I can ensure you it works because I designed and developed the bearings myself. I have to admit it’s really hard to do good for everyone because not all printers are the same. Some people who printed my model said everything fused together and then you have other people who say there’s to much slob and tollerance in the bearing. This is mostly due to temp settings and amount of fillament extruded. If there is to much filament extruded or gets to hot extruded then everything kind of gets printed fatter and everything fuses together. A good callibrated printed is the key to succes when printing this. Hope it works (or worked) out for you. good luck!

Hello Zachary_Brackin Here is the video:
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Well I posted for advice in this forum to get feedback specifically on settings for printing on a Form 2, which is an SLA printer which doesn’t use filament and is capable of 25 micron resolution. The reason I’m asking for tips before just trying it is because a failed print on the Form 2 can (and has, for me) lead to Resin spills which can potentially be catastrophic (i.e. ruin the printer).

oh ok Andrhamm. sorry i missed the fact that your printer was a resin printer. I apologise. I’m just used to thinking of a fdm printer when I read the word printing. Not many people have a resin 3D printer you know. They’re quite expensive (I think correct me if I’m wrong). I don’t have any experiance with resin 3D-printers so I’m afraid I can’t provide you with any usefull info about that. How is your printer doing now, Did you get any usefull prints out of it?
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Actually the Form 2 is cheaper than the higher end makerbot models :wink:

hhhmmm that sounds interesting :thinking:. I might take a look into it :grinning: I always thought they were very expensive and I never actually took a look at them.

Hmm. If I wanted a bearing, I’d use, well, a bearing!! Can’t beat the tolerances and strength of steel in such a situation!!

Thank you for adding nothing to the conversation. I’ll just toss my 3D printer in the trash and buy steel bearings, why didn’t I think of that?!

Well, yes, you could do that I suppose…

Me? Horses for courses, I say. Keep the printers for doing things printers are good at, and use a different process, or product, for things they don’t do very well. Can’t see how that is very controversial, just common sense.

Your mileage may vary, of course.

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