It was suggested by Formlabs Support to roll back the firmware on my Form 2. No directions and I’ve searched the Forums and find nothing there or on the Formlabs main site. If the suggest it I would think there would be directions somewhere.

The firmware appears to be the cause of my printer issues with the resin getting far harder than it should on printing the support base.

You have to manually select the older firmware when you select update firmware. there is a thread with a list of a few older versions here:

Or Formlabs should be able to send an older version to you directly.

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On that windows, click the triangle to the left of the printer icon. You should get additional options, including one to update the firmware manually.

Thanks Dudemeister. Not a logical setup for that. Had no idea there was addition info under the triangle. Thought it was just a pointer.

I removed my last reply because I left my F2 serial number visible.

I’m getting really frustrated as this reminds me of the early Microsoft approach to rolling out software. Let the customer do the Beta Testing. I’ve lost two good build plates over this. Not a happy camper.

THAT DID IT. Rolling back the firmware and Preform software did the trick. I did have a small issue removing the pieces. I only printed 4 of the same part. One snapped off no problem. The other three sort of came free but did break the Support Platforms. Still felt they weren’t that bad. What proved it was when I went to clean the residue off the build plate. I started with the hammer and chisel but soon found that the pieces snapped right off. I attribute them sticking the way they did because the build plate was damage from the previous problem with the parts sticking so hard and the efforts to remove them.

SPOKE TOO SOON. Even though I rolled back both Firmware and Preform the first real job I ran the support bases were stuck to the build plate as before. The resin didn’t seem as hard as previously but I did need the hammer and chisel to remove it.

Thing is it could be that the Build Plate was damaged from all the issue previously encountered. I have two new build plates on the way in Ill try one of those. I hope they too don’t get damaged.

I had this issue once. Try scrubbing the platform hard with a red scotchbrite. You need to get all traces of old resin off the platform. If you’re careful the platform will have a decent looking finish again when finished.

You can also try raising the platform a little.

Thanks Fred, I’ll give that a try. Don’t have any on hand and right now no car to go get any. Car at garage for tune-up.
I have used very fine sandpaper but maybe the Scotchbrite will work better.

Scotchbrite won’t clog up as bad as the sandpaper. I do a final wet sand with the scotchbrite and IPA. Gloves or the aluminum dust will stain your hands for a couple of days.

Again, Thanks Fred. I’ll give that a try. I happen to have both Red and Green Scotchbrite pads. I’ll start with the red first and I have 100% IPA and proper gloves to use also.

I’ve used fine sandpaper, 300 grit ,plus wiped with IPA that resulted in back paper towels. It wiped until just about all traces of the black were gone. Problem is right now the two build plates I have have definite surface damage that may be contributing but that isn’t the only place the resin is sticking. I also notice that the resin isn’t quite as brittle as it use to be on the support base. It used to be a bit felxible before this all set in with the upgrade to the new firmware and Preform.

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