How to RESET the LOW LEVEL Resin Warning?

I have refilled the Resin Cartridge with additional resin, however the low Level resin warning is not reset in either the dashboard or the FL2 unit display.

Ok so the FL2 has no way to sense the weight in the cartridge, (this is something my son solved in his auto-bar drink making device).

However, does anyone know how to reset the low level warning??

thanks in advance.

Never had that problem, I’ve ran cartridges completely empty then refilled with no major errors, I switch off and back on and that clears any warnings.

My understanding is that the cartridge has a code number the printer reads. The first time the printer sees that code, it assumes a full cartridge. It then tracks how much resin it thinks it’s using for each print, and lets you know when its estimate says the resin level is low. I don’t think there’s any way to force the printer to forget its memory of how much resin has been used, short of a “hard reset” of the printer that erases its memory of the cartridge itself. Then when you re-insert, it’ll think it’s a new/full cartridge. But of course, you’ll lose other data like any uploaded prints and the history of any other cartridges or resin tanks you’ve used…

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Well, FormLabs has said repeatedly the cartridge is only rated for 1L of resin. The wearout point is the “bite valve” that lets resin out (or more importantly, keeps it in) of the cartridge. That component fails, your cartridge will drain and flood the printer.

If their design assumed that 1L was all a cartridge would ever be used for, the way they’ve got it implemented is as good as it needs to be. Why include functionality for a user behavior they’ve specifically said they cannot support?

That being said, reliability is a statistical thing. For, say, 99% of the cartridge valves to be reliable to 1L, on average the valve has to be quite a bit more reliable than “1L”. I have no idea what the shape of the wearout curve looks like, but I have rolled the dice by putting almost another liter of resin through my first Tough cartridge and I had no problem. But I didn’t dump all the new resin in at once. I only put a few 100ml in at a time. If the valve was going to fail, I didn’t want enough resin in the cartridge to overflow the resin tank…

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Good thoughts I will keep that in mind.

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