How to prevent bowing /warping of "flat" parts

I’ve tried printing this part like 6 different times in different orientations, but I keep getting these “Warping” or bowing parts and I cant figure out why it does that, I’ve tried using the auto print but nothing, The “Flatter” i lay it the better it comes out but I heard before that you shouldnt lay things flat since it creates a lof of shear force when moving side-ways and it leads to failed prints.

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A couple things

First–looks like you’re using the automatic support generation–you can get better results by placing supports yourself to get a better distribution, you can see there where there’s supports right next to other supports which isn’t necessary, you can spread them out in a pattern.

The other thing though, is that since it’s angled so sharply, even though there’s supports on the back it will still flex a bit due to the thin profile, if you angle it down more and get a good distribution of supports then it will be more stable and have less of a chance of flexing while printing.
Alternately, you can try printing it directly to the base, just make it a little thicker than you want and then you’ll have to sand it down to the thickness you need afterward.