How to know if it is form1 or form1 +

Hello, I am sold a 1 + form printer but it makes me think that it is form1 as I can know and be sure of which is? Thanks and regards.

One of the easiest ways to tell is to connect the printer over USB and use PreForm. If you go to the ‘file’ tab and then select ‘printers’ you’ll see a list of all connected machines and it will list the version.

Thank you very much, is it possible for a form1 to be updated to a factory form?
Another question, my pieces are printed with waste between it, which could make and the resin tank is new.

Can you post pictures of the waste you are talking about?
A picture of the model in Preform will also assist.

In the lower part there is a piece of semi-cured resin and I do not know what it should be, in most of my impressions this problem appears, they could help me

It looks like there might be something obscuring or diffusing the laser for the first couple of layers. I’ve reached out to our support team and you’ll be receiving an email from Declan who will help to troubleshoot.

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