How to Insert Electronics into Printed Part?

This is my first post. With the Form2, is it possible or how is it possible to stop the printing and insert a component into a printed part??

This link describes building a lego block with a LED that gets inserted during printing process with a Lulz printer:


I haven’t seen any reports of it, but it would be theoretically possible to pause a Form 2 print, wear gloves and place some kind of component into or onto the print as long as it is absolutely not protruding beyond the active print layer, and holding itself in place against the force of gravity, and then resume printing. You timing (by layers) would have to be very careful to get the right fit into the cavity; there’s not currently any functionality to tell the printer to pause and wait for you at a specific layer. It would be a very much “If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces” kind of situation, and I think most folks used to working with the Form2 would design for embedded components by using press fits, snap fits, or assemblies meant to be glued together, rather than taking this approach.

If you absolutely must entomb some LEDs in a photopolymer resin enclosure, though, there shouldn’t be much stopping you.

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I would model a socket for the electronic, print it,- insert the electronic afterwards, and then use a pen laser to to backfill the socket for embedment.

This gives a cleaner, more controlled result, and does not result in a pause line on the print, or messy wires or other features getting repeatedly dipped into the tank and potentially fouling the wiper or supports.

You could even model in a slot in side walls and such so that wiring could be stuffed into the slot and resin backfilled and cured with a pen laser to embed even wiring inside a part.

Thank you for your input Ike. I’m getting that while it’s theoretically possible, it probably not the first approach to use.

Thank you Sculptingman. Do you have an example you chould share? Thank you…

no… I don’t need to insert electronics… however, I have used the same trick to insert Nuts and embedded washers into parts that I want to screw together.

You just model a channel for you electronics to fit inside of and backfill over them a little at a time- lasing each thin layer, until the channel is filled. you can sand and finish the result because its all the same resin.

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You might be interested in that :

I think the same result can be achieved with a Form 2 and some patiente because you would have to pause the print manually at the right time. It may be easier to achieve with Open FL but I can’t be sure as I have only read a few things about this, since it’s only compatible with the Form1 & 1+.