How to clean Resin Tank LT to use it with another Resin


i have to change from rigid resin on the dental sg resin because i haven’t received another LT tank yet. How can I clean the inside of the tank? The support page only explains how to clean the outside.


Pour the resin into a cointainer while gently scraping the tank with a silicone spatula (steal one from your wife’s cupkake tools). This will remove 95% of the resin.

Then I use a soft cloth that doesn’t leave any dust behind to get to say 98%. Then with the same kind of cloth lightly wet with IPA, I proceed onto cleaning the remaining resin. This last part is the one Formlabs will never advise you do to because the material the tank is made of (it’s body, not the optical surface) tends to become brittle when in contact with IPA… in reality though, it would need frequent and thorough cleanings with lots of IPA for it to have an effect, and doing some light cleaning once of twice on a single tank surely will not cause any issue.

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