How much space needed around form1

I need to move some cabinets to make space for my Form1, and I would like to know how much space is needed above and behind the machine in order to be able to open the lid. Thanks!

Hi Chris,

Here are dimensions  & weight from the tech specs page of the Form1 in an closed and (I presume a tank empty state?):


30 x 28 x 45 cm
12 x 11 x 18 in


8 kg/18 lbs

More info:


Working conditions … I just did some measurements. My lab is not all that big, so it might help.

Looks like you’ll need around 24.5-25" in the vertical when open midpoint (i.e. when it’s tallest) and 18" when closed (unless you made modifications which might void your warranty).

9" from the back to be safe for the top lid to open backwards all the way.

Also … the Form1 is about 11" in width. The finish tray is about 14" square and you’ll need the top totally exposed when working, so no overhanging shelves etc … you could theoretically put the finish tray elsewhere, or make your own custom one …  as long as you have an environment where dripping resin on the floor is not much of a concern.

I would suggest putting the machine on a table with a good height. My workbench is about 35" to the first bench surface and it works well. Otherwise you may have to lean over while operating it to see results happening, etc. Putting it higher might be problematic at getting at the release level for the build plate, and pouring in resin, cleaning the tank etc … mid height to chest level is probably best?

I recommend getting something disposable for your work area surface  for under your bot and finish tray… large, cut (thinish) cardboard would be ok, or perhaps just a nice piece of flat wood. Form1 can get messy, even if you are super careful. I like cardboard, since after it gets messy I can cure it and then recycle it, somewhat responsibly (although I haven’t yet had to, as I’m pretty careful not to spill resin around!).

I would also recommend a place with less ambient light from outside (if you can manage) … I usually just drape a “black out” bag over my bot when it’s not in use, as I do tend to leave the tray in the bot rather than store it away in a dark place. There is not a lot of UV spillage where I’m at, but I do it anyways when the bot is not in use.


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Thanks Scott, this helps a lot!

No problem. Happy to help.