Form 3 Resin Tank Dimensions

About to purchase a Form 3 and want to have storage ready when it arrives. I can’t for the life of me find dimensions of the resin tank case that the tank will be stored in. I’m looking at drawers with 3.1" clearance and would hate to have them not fit. Just overall length, width, height please. Thanks in advance!

Had the same issue so I had to wait for the tanks to arrive and THEN find the perfect storage.
I’ve measured one of mine (the top cover because that’s what takes the most space).

Here’s a mockup of the top perspective with dimensions. Sorry to be in millimetres.

It may differ one or two millimetres maximum but that shouldn’t make much difference.

Fun fact, just found out that 79 mm is actually 3.11" so it may just fit :slight_smile:
The cover does go down to 78 mm (3.07") if pressed but I don’t know if that’s a good thing to do in a drawer as it will scratch it when opening and closing.

Anyway, hope it helps.

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Perfect, thank you!

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