Does anyone know the resin cartridge dimensions?

Either in inches or cm ? Would be greatly appreciated. I’m building a workbench with shelves to store the cartridges like a bookshelf style. Haven’t ordered cartridges yet as I am waiting on my Form 3L to arrive later this year.

they are 2 and 1/8" thick,
Just under 9" tall
and 7 and 3/4" wide.

However- you don’t want to store them in the upright orientation in which they sit in the printer for dispensing.
You want to lay them on their side, so that both the bite valve and the air vent cap are High.
So your shelves need to have no less than 8" vertical clearance and should be at least 9 or 10 inches deep.

They will store like books, and their labels are printed so that when stored like this you can read the names and versions of the resins… and you can also see their vent caps- so you might better notice if one of them is open.
But laying on their long side with vent up like this they can not leak.

Thank you sire, I will incorporate your guidance in the shelf design. :slight_smile: